Popular job roles in the Green Industry


As one of the fastest growing economies, India is not just racing towards economic advancement but also towards holistic, sustainable development. Programs like the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, a cleanliness drive, and Suryamitra, a solar energy skill development initiative are enough proof that India has made sustainable economic development its top priority. Being a multi- faceted element, sustainability contributes in various ways to the country’s betterment.

The green industry of our country, along with conserving the environment, also positively contributes to a country’s growth and facilitates wondrous employment opportunities to job seekers. The industry offers a gamut of green jobs to nature enthusiasts as well as potential candidates.

The jobs in the sustainable sector are divided into six categories. Read on to understand the  several green jobs available in the work market right now.

Solar Photovoltaic Technology

Businesses and industries in India are using solar photovoltaic technology to diversify their energy sources, while being time and cost effective. Solar PV technology is also being used to produce electricity on a massive scale to supply power to urban and rural regions.

Popular job roles 

  •       Solar PV Installer – Electrical/Civil
  •      Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Entrepreneur
  •      Solar PV Project Helper

Technical Skills required

  •      Basics on solar energy and power generation
  •      Mechanical and electrical features of PV Power Plant
  •      Simple Calculations
  •      Project budgeting

Solar Thermal Technology

  1. Similar to the Solar PV technology, solar thermal technology works on converting the abundantly available solar energy into producing thermal heat and electricity. Our country is exploring this sector, wanting to make use of the yet to be harnessed potent.

Popular Job Roles

  •      Solar Domestic Water Heater Technician
  •      Solar Lighting Technician
  •      Solar Thermal Plant Installation & Maintenance Technician

Technical skills required

  •         Occupational health and safety standards
  •         Basics on solar thermal technology
  •         Basic terminology

popular job roles in the green industry sectors

Clean Cooking

Almost 60% of India’s rural population still uses solid fuel like charcoal and wood on open fires. This traditional practice is causing tremendous environmental degradation and is the reason behind health problems, especially among women. In India, close to 4,88,000 deaths occur due to Indoor air pollution according to WHO. The government has sought out to reduce those ordinals by introducing Clean cook-stove technology.

Popular Job roles

  •      Improved Cookstove Installer
  •      Portable Improved Cookstove Sales and Maintenance Executive
  •      Portable Improved Cookstove Distributor

Technical Skills required

  •         Proper firing of the fuel
  •         Basic knowledge of mathematics and calculation
  •         Sound knowledge of organisational procedures and practices

Waste Management

To tackle the dangerous environment issues, proper waste management is imperial to any nation. This sector requires huge manpower, trained and skilled, to create a positive impact in the society with regard to solid waste management.

Popular Job Roles

  •        Waste Picker
  •       Biomass Depot Operator
  •       Recyclable Waste Collector & Segregator

Technical Skills required

  •         Colour Coding and Marking of Dustbins
  •         Waste value estimation
  •         Knowledge of occupational health and safety standard

Water management

With a growing economy and changing lifestyles, water management is now of much importance in India. Government is making significant efforts to reduce surface water pollution and improve the water cycle in a holistic way.

Popular Job Roles

  •         Wastewater Treatment Plant Technician
  •         Desludging Operator
  •         Septic Tank Technician

Technical Skills required

  •         Basic Calculations
  •         Health and safety procedures

Wind Energy

The harnessing of wind energy in India began 5 decades ago and has changed the shape of our country’s renewable energy drastically. The wind sector in India still has a long way to go. The government is making efforts to tap the lurking potential of this industry.

Popular Job Roles

  •         Construction Technician – Electrical/Civil/Mechanical
  •        Site Surveyor
  •      Assistant Planning Engineer

Technical Skills required

  •         Mathematical concepts and calculations
  •         Basic mechanical concepts of Wind power plant

Despite growing green job positions, there is an existing skill mismatch that could not just barricade further growth but also leave the poor out of the greening of the economy. An emphasis on skill development is noticeable among the government bodies and schemes. In light of this, the Skills Sector Green Jobs of India is playing a crucial role in closing the green skill gap which is principal for establishing sustainable development in the system. Here are a few important skills you would need to possess in order to attain, sustain and succeed in a green job.

  • Communication Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Patience
  • Analytical skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Critical Thinking

Do you think you can prosper in one of these sectors and contribute positively, to India’s sustainable progress? Then go right ahead! Be a part of the Green Industry and play your role in making the world a greener and better place to live! Get more information about green jobs here http://sscgj.in/publications/qualification-pack-model-curriculum/

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