Crisis management skills: Productivity


Being productive in the time of crisis could be difficult. Often we regret not being able to deliver and on time and quality of our work also suffers due to distractions. With all the stress and anxieties, we tend to lose track of our time. Now is the time when we should focus on our productivity skills which allow us to become less stressed and more effective. 

Productivity is an important skill and valued greatly, not only during crisis, but in all aspects of our lives. Employers inclined more towards people who can manage their time productively. So productivity skills are essential and can be used to achieve success in any career. This can be applied in personal life too.

Here are the skills that will help you become more productive.

Prioritize your work

When you have many things to do, start by prioritizing your work. Make a to-do-list and give them levels like important and urgent, important but not urgent, not important but urgent, not important and not urgent. Distinguishing your tasks like this will help you take up the urgent task first and will make you feel more productive. You will not be stressed and will stay motivated throughout the day.

productivityAvoid getting distracted

Today we have many distractions in our lives. It is very difficult to stay focused. However, if you want to be productive then you have to avoid getting distracted. Find a quiet place to sit and do your work. Turn off your phone while working or at least keep it in silent mode. List down your activities for the day and take one task at a time. Don’t keep all the work in your mind. It will make your mind cluttered and you will not be able to focus.

Be mindful before saying yes

Do not say yes to all the works that are assigned to you. If you already have many things to do, then say no to any new task. Go through your to-do list before giving any commitment. Cancel those meetings which are not important. 

It is important to take breaks

You can’t be productive all the time. Sometimes it is important to pause your work and take a break. Don’t be a perfectionist and know when to say enough. When you work for longer hours, there’s a risk it might kill your creativity. Working 24/7 will lead to chronic stress and other health issues. You have taken some time out to do other things as simple as talking with a friend or enjoying a hobby. 

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If you are having problems managing your time, then practice the above mentioned skills. These skills will help you utilize your time effectively and become more productive.

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