Apprenticeship and career growth: Former apprentices from Rieter India share their experience


Rieter India’s apprenticeship program has shaped the career path of many young people by imparting technical and soft skills. Let’s meet some of the former apprentices who have benefitted from Rieter India’s Multi-Skilled Production Technician (MSPT) program executed along with SkillSonics.

apprenticeship_and_career_growth__apprentices_from_rieter_india_Pankaj Jadhav

Pankaj Bajarang Jadhav Rieter Apprentice“My name is Pankaj Bajarang Jadhav. I am from Satara district in Maharashtra. My basic trade is turner. I have completed my VET diploma in 2013. Most of the students aspire to take admission in government diploma courses. But the problem I see with these courses is that they have 80% theory and only 20% practical training. But in the MSPT program it is the other way round: 20% is theory and 80% is practical. This is very helpful at our workplace. We obtain machine, turning, benchwork and assembly knowledge. It is the best program for starting the career. I would like to say thanks to Rieter and SkillSonics for giving me such an opportunity.”

Rahul Sanas

Rahul dattatry sanas Rieter Apprentice“I am Rahul Dattatry Sanas from Wai in Satara district, Maharashtra. I have done an ITI course and joined the MSPT program by SkillSonics at Rieter India in 2017. I have now completed the training and have been given a chance to work for Rieter India in the maintenance department. The knowledge I have gained during the training is extremely useful in my daily work. I am really very grateful to SkillSonics and Rieter India!”

Sunil Chavan

Sunil Suresh Chavan Rieter apprenticeship“My name is Sunil Chavan. I am from Satara district in Maharashtra. I have completed an ITI course as a machinist at the government ITI in Karad. I wanted to take admission in a government college, but I didn’t have enough money to do it. In 2012 I was selected for a VET diploma at Rieter India. It was a golden chance for me to come closer to fulfilling my dream! Upon completion of the MSPT course in 2014 I moved on to become a production officer in the machine shop at Rieter India. I am now not only financially satisfied but have also participated an won the All India Skill Competition for apprentices (2013) and got 1st rank in regional level skill competition (2014). I thank Rieter and SkillSonics for this wonderful opportunity!”

Sushant Sunil More

sushant sunil More Rieter apprentice“I am Sushant Sunil More from Karad, Maharashtra. I have done a welding course in an ITI in Karad. After the course I was selected by Rieter India as an apprentice for the MSPT course. It was quite difficult for me, but I was eager to do it. The teachers taught us a lot of practical knowledge and we learned a lot. Initially I was hesitant to learn English, but now I am feeling confident speaking it. I am now employed at Rieter as a production officer in maintenance department. I am very happy with the skills I learned and the job I am doing. Thanks to Rieter and SkillSonics!”

Mahadev Jadhav

mahadev-dadaso-jadhav- reiter apprentice“My name is Mahadev Dadaso Jadhav. I am from Naravane village, Taluka Man, Satara. I studied at the ITI in Dahivadi. Then I joined the program at Rieter Group, a VET course by SkillSonics. I gained technical knowledge and I got opportunity to prove myself. Now I am working at Rieter group in assembly as production officer. I would like to thank SkillSonics and Rieter Group for this opportunity.”

Mahadev also has a creative side to him. He’s composed a poem in appreciation of the training and thanked SkillSonics and Rieter by expressing his happiness and gratitude. Don’t miss him reading the poem in this video:

Guest author: Karuna Ganguly, SkillSonics – For more information, please send an email to  or call +91 80 4115 527.

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