Sector Skill Councils in India


Sector Skill Councils (SSCs) play a crucial role in the skill development ecosystem in India. Their job is to ensure that the training is relevant to industry needs and it is aligned with the national skill development policy. Hence, they are tasked with developing a robust training delivery mechanism that follows international standards and quality parameters. As autonomous bodies, they front-end various activities and take measures to identify and close the skill gaps. These include:

  • Communicate the requirements of industry verticals by identifying the skill gaps and creating Qualification Packs (QPs) and National Occupational Standards (NOS) under NSQF for a comprehensive list of job roles in the industry. These are validated by the companies in specific sectors.
  • Actively participate in conducting Train-the-trainer programs and empanel training partners and vocational training institutions to facilitate training
  • Asses and certify trainees on the basis of NSQF – NOS – QPs
  • Provide realtime information about the labour market through research and analysis to update all the stakeholders on the demand and supply
  • Contribute to the development of Labour Market Information System (LMIS) as an interactive dashboard to view the status and outcomes of various skill development and training initiatives

sector-skill-councilsTake a quick tour of the existing and upcoming Sector Skill Councils (SSCs) in India by clicking the links below:

  1. Automotive Skills Development Council (ASDC)
  2. Agriculture Skill Council of India (ASCI)
  3. Banking and Finance Sector of India (BFSI)
  4. Gem & Jewellery Skill Council of India (GJSCI)
  5. Rubber Skill Development Council (RSDC)
  6. IT-ITeS Sector Skill Council
  7. Retail Association’s Sector Skill Council of India (RASCI)
  8. Media and Entertainment Skills Council (MESC)
  9. Tourism and hospitality Skill Council (THSC)
  10. Electronics Sector Skill Council of India (ESSCI)
  11. Telecom Sector Skill Council (TSSC)
  12. Leather Sector Skill Council (LSSC)
  13. Food Industry Capacity and Skill Initiative (FICSI)
  14. Logistics Skills Council (LSC)
  15. India Plumbing Skills Council (IPSC)
  16. Capital Goods Skill Council
  17. Construction Sector Skill Council
  18. Life Sciences Sector Skill Development Council
  19. Iron and Steel Sector Skill Council
  20. Power Sector Skill Council
  21. Skill Council for Mining Sector
  22. Textile Sector Skill Council
  23. Apparel made ups and home furnishing sector skills council
  24. Beauty and wellness sector skills council
  25. Handicrafts and Carpet Sector Skills Council
  26. Green jobs sector skills council
  27. Domestic Workers Sector Skills Council of India
  28. Furniture and fittings skills council
  29. Instrumentation Automation Skills Council
  30. Coating and Painting Sector Skills Council
  31. Strategic Manufacturing Skills Council
  32. Aerospace and Aviation Sector Skill Council (AASSC)
  33. Sports Sector Skills Council
  34. Entrepreneurship, Management Services and Training Sector Skill Council
  35. Hydro Carbon Sector Skill Council (Oil and Gas)
  36. PwD sector skills council (Persons with Disabilities)

Upcoming Sector Skill Councils (SSCs)

  1. Earthmoving & infrastructure building sector skill council
  2. Chemical and Petro Chemical Sector Skill Council (proposed)


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  5. We have a successful course for DTP and Printing Technology. But since there is no SSC for that, students are facing problems. It would be better, if you could start an SSC for DTP and Offset/Digital Printing Technology

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  7. plz help
    now i’m working under skill development company.. i’m a trainer
    My Domain is IT/ITES…
    i need some idea’s for my job..
    what are ways available for improve my career…..
    plz help

    • Kamal Kant sahu on

      Sir / ma’am
      Greetings of the day

      Presently I’m working on as plumber consultant in clan prakash skill development pvt Ltd .
      I want to do training of assessor (ToA) .
      Please tell about me procedure . how can I catch training partner and training calendar.
      Please help me

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