Skill development in Deep Tech sector: AI/ML in Healthcare industry


Prediction is better than painful treatment! This could be the new way to look at the diseases that threaten our lives by shortening our lifespan or affecting the quality of life. Today Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are transforming the way healthcare industry adopts technology to predict diseases on the basis of data and patterns that indicate the conditions for a disease to develop. The use of AI will decrease medical costs as there will be more accuracy in diagnosis and better predictions in treatment and prevention. Already, there is evidence that the use of chatbots have positive outcomes in the field of mental health.

Implicit knowledge is now replaceable by comprehensive data to get  more accurate results. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is revolutionizing the healthcare industry. Diagnosis of life threatening disease like cancer is now being done by AI-powered software applications and through Machine Learning. Researchers are using Machine Learning to train algorithms to recognize cancerous tissue at a level comparable to trained physicians. 

Most of the health issues are curable if they are diagnosed properly at an early stage. And accurate diagnosis is very crucial for a good treatment.  As AI and ML is now taking over the healthcare industry and their diagnosis is 98% accurate, reducing the fear of human error. This involves processing of humongous data pertaining to disease manifestations, medical history and diagnostic images.  Besides accurate diagnostics, AI will also impact medical research in unimaginable ways by procuring through research data and clinical trials and using the right technology to find solutions.

  • A survey was conducted on 142 qualified professionals working in IT, business, informatics and clinical roles within hospitals, health insurers and pharmaceutical companies.
  • The survey concluded that 77% of people are using AI to support clinical decisions.
  • According to 63 % of research participants, AI and ML are already delivering value in specialty care including Radiology, Pathology and Pharma.

Why Healthcare industry should take Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) skill training seriously

While AI and ML is benefiting the entire healthcare ecosystem, healthcare industry should be prepared for the changes in job roles. There is a need to quickly prepare the workforce by upskilling and reskilling to take up new job roles. Technology transformations through AI will create a lasting impact on the careers of medical professionals as well. Technology used for Diagnostics, Medical Imaging, Medical Procedures need seamless human collaboration. Medical professionals have to upgrade their knowledge and skills to match with the changing job requirements.

The day is not far when Healthcare industry will have to take drastic resizing measures like layoffs, just like IT majors do to cope with technology disruptions! Hence the need for upskilling and reskilling is most important. Courses in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will help the employees in acquiring relevant domain knowledge and keep abreast of the changes in the industry.

Healthcare industry needs to make serious efforts to upskill its existing staff to help them adapt to change. Digital learning platforms that have industry-integrated courses will be of great help. Many digital platforms are available which are partnering with industries to provide their staff with a world class program, certifications and outcomes. 

  • Global investment in AI is doubling every 18 months. As the future seems bright for AI, 2.3 million more jobs will be created by the year 2022.
  • A study, where over 2000 developers and senior managers were interviewed, has shown that 95% prefer hybrid practitioner’s curriculum.
  • The available hybrid learning platforms value your time and provides interactive LIVE classes, AI powered video archives, online practice labs and one-to-one mentor support as well. As the hi-tech and hi-touch platform helps you build your expertise 24/7.

You can choose from the wide range of courses that are available both online and offline. Whether you are a working professional or just out of college you will get the perfect blend of high end academics and the right practical orientation in the hybrid learning platforms. It is the most preferred platform in terms of balancing a job and a certification course. It provides you campus classes which is crucial for peer networking along with more flexible online programs.

If you are an IT professional who can create and modify Artificial Intelligence products for the medical industry, then you will have many career options in healthcare industry after upgrading your skills through hybrid learning platforms.

In this era of technology, AI and ML will be able to free up time for the busy healthcare industry by performing repetitive and mundane tasks and in turn it will create massive job and career opportunities for aspiring youth, who have the relevant skills that the industry needs.

Author: Manjima Ghosh | Talent Sprint | For more information, please visit


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