Need for skills and knowledge for successful career


Sahithi Uppala, a student of Mass Communication and Psychology, dreams to be a renowned psychologist and counselor in the city. She recalls that she first had the idea of her career at the age of 17, when she started studying about the intricacies involved in psychology and she says,

“I found sudden interest and passion towards the subject. The human thoughts and mind genuinely intrigued me and I decided that this I what I would want to do.” Sahithi Uppalasahithi uppala

She understands that the right combination of skills and knowledge is required for her to achieve her goals and in this case she cites her own example. She is totally aware of the fact that her knowledge of the subject along with good and effective communicative skills and the patience to understand people and their behavior is much needed for anyone opting her course of study.

She positively accepts the fact she is in the process of acquiring the required skills and she plans to do so by studying further and most importantly gain exposure through various internship programs. Being a go- getter, and quite a proactive person, Sahithi understands the importance of team work and she thinks it is one of the major foundations of an educational or a professional set up. She says, “Listening to one another’s perspectives and to be able to accept other’s ideas is a skill in itself.”

She recalls that her primary and high schools have not given her enough skills and exposure towards building up her goal, but however, she strongly feels that they gave her a strong base.

Sahithi also strongly agrees with the fact that skills play an important role in a person’s life and she believes that a skilled man definitely more edge than a person who is not skilled for his job role.

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