Crisis management skills: Speaking


Speaking clearly and effectively is a crucial skill. You need the skill in every step of life, whether personal or on the work front. Your words should be chosen carefully and your messages should be delivered properly. And remember, you don’t need to be a great orator or a public speaker to convey the message! 

Good speaking skills are important in every aspect of life. It ensures success in career and a better relationship with your friends and family. A person who can speak his/her mind clearly and carefully is valued everywhere. You don’t really have to be born with the skill. Practicing will help you become a good speaker and will ensure that you master your verbal communication.

To help to begin, we have put together few major skills which you can practice to become a good speaker.

Know your audience

Before you begin to craft your message, be sure who your audience is. Learn as much about your listener as you can. This will help you choose your words carefully and determine the level of information you want to deliver.

Speaking skillsImprove your fluency

You need to be comfortable and confident you are in speaking a language.When you speak on a topic, try to speak for an extended period of time. It will help you build your fluency. When you speak, speak clearly by establishing connections between each point. It will help your listener understand you better.

Build your vocabulary

If you don’t have the words to say what you want to say, then you cannot say it. Learn new words daily by reading or watching a movie in English.  When you encounter a new word search its meaning in a dictionary or search in google and try to use them while you speak. 

Practice and prepare

To become fluent in speaking, you need to prepare and practice it on a daily basis. Yes, use those age old methods of speaking in front of a mirror for 15 minutes daily. Record your voice while you are speaking. You can video tape yourself as well. Talk to a friend who is fluent in speaking and can help you. You can get help from a person to critique your performance. 

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We all desire to speak clearly and fluently. To become a good speaker, you need to master these much required skills. Practice these above mentioned skills which will help you become good in communication.

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