Success Stories from ASTP Members


Empower Pragati

Malkiat Kaur – Alumni, ASTC Bhathinda

“I have understood the importance of learning skills and acquiring knowledge. My father wanted me to get married and look after my family. But I wanted to do something with my life. I got myself enrolled in the Assistant Beauty Therapist course at ASTC, Bathinda under PMKVY. After completion of the course, I started working in a salon in Chandigarh. I am independent and feel more responsible for my life now”

Jonmani Das – Alumni, DDUGKY Guwahati

“To be able to secure a decent job for myself has given me so much confidence to lead my life. Due to my weak educational background I could not even think of getting a job to support my family. I didn’t even know how to apply for one. My life took a turn soon after I started attending classes at DDUGKY, Guwahati. The training, counselling and support from the teachers helped me transform my life.”

Balvir Singh – Mobilizer, PMKK Bulandshahr

“Freedom, in true sense can be realized when one is able to decide their own life path. I interact with the youth of the community on a daily basis to generate awareness about vocational training and livelihood opportunities being offered. The country will prosper if every youth of the country is aware of his/her rights and responsibilities.”

Krishan Kumar – Trainee, PMKK Sambhal

Krishan Kumar_EP_SS“Since childhood I was always looked upon with pity due to my physical disability. I was born with polio in both my legs. From being denied admission in a regular schools to being rejected for jobs, I have faced numerous challenges all my life. With almost no hope, I went and enrolled myself for a course in CRM at PMKK Sambhal. Now I am working at Big Bazaar as a Helpdesk Coordinator and very well understand the importance of horning skills in life. Progress of a human is dependent on how they help themselves under difficult circumstances. That’s my freedom story.”

Mukesh Kumar – Trainer, PMKK Bulandshahr

“I use to work as a part time mobile phone repair technician in a small shop in Bulandshahr for years. But last year a great opportunity to become a trainer knocked on my door and I pounced upon it. This life decision has given me dignity and respect in the society. My students call me “sir” and it feels great. I am highly motivated to change others’ lives like I got to change mine.”

Mahaveer, DDUGKY Steward, Swiggy Allahabad

Mahaveer belongs to an underprivileged family of ten people. His father being a daily wage labor earns merely Rs. 100 – Rs. 150 a day, which is not enough to fulfill their daily basic needs. Due to his family’s poor financial condition, he had to let go of his dream and started working with his father as a laborer. One day he came to know about Empower Pragati’s DDUGKY training center in Allahabad through his cousin, who was already studying at the center. He decided to visit the center. At first, he was not very sure of getting training and a job after completion but gradually his mindset changed completely. He enrolled himself in F&B Steward course and post completion of the course secured a job for himself. He says – “I am now a completely changed person from being hopeless and demotivated to a positive and confident man. At present, I am working with Swiggy, earning a salary of Rs. 15,000 per month. I am helping my family and I also think this job will help me to pursue my dream of wrestling again too.”

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