Success stories from the Fair and Lovely Careers Foundation


We present to you success stories of candidates who have benefitted from Fair and Lovely Careers Foundation. We are sure this will inspire you to explore the online courses and choose them as per your education and career goals!

Iqra Shah

“Fair and Lovely Portal helped me finding the subject of my interest.”Iqra Shah Fair and Lovely Foundation

I came to know about the portal through Instagram .The main purpose of enrolling in the portal was that I had the choice of choosing different courses which I didn’t in college. I tried many of the courses and it was fun to do all those courses. The portal help me to know what I really want to study and my interest course.
I would definitely recommend fair and lovely portal to other girls.

Shreshtha Mondal

(CSIR- Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology, New Delhi)

“I thank Fair and Lovely for helping me clearing my Ph.D entrance examination.”Shretha Fair and Lovely Foundation

I came to know about the portal through social networking sites. I was intrigued to see various courses on a wide variety of courses. Reason to enroll in the portal was to take the courses since I could see reputed names associated with courses like NPTEL, EdX for academic courses, Soft skills by English Edge. Portal helped me through the career test as I was looking for alternate careers according to my interests and skills. I have chosen journalism, particularly science journalism along with my chosen track of becoming a research scientist and I’m trying to hone my skills in both. The courses are useful for supporting my choices. The courses on Life sciences subjects available through NPTEL and EdX , helped me in my preparation for my entrances of PhD. Also, I recently attended a very prestigious workshop organized by the Indo- UK governments and was the youngest participant amongst 50 women in Science of India in its first batch (March, 2017). I will surely recommend the portal to other girls and ladies.

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