Journeys of successful trainers from IL&FS Skills


Impactful vocational training needs proactive contribution from the trainers. IL&FS Skills has captured the journeys of some of the trainers who have demonstrated passion and commitment to their profession. We wish to share 3 stories of trainers from Electrical, CNC Operations and Hospitality for sharing their success with wider audience!

Trainers from IL&FS Skills


The successful journey of Suraj Shukla: Electrical Trainer

Suraj Shukla IL&FS Trainer

Suraj Shukla

Suraj Shukla hails from Maharashtra: His family comprises of his parents, and 2 siblings. His passion for teaching has seen him teach others, especially Physics, since he was in class X. “I have always loved to teach, as I feel this is one of the best professions to change lives,” says the young man, who currently trains at IL&FS Skills Center, Delhi , since about 5 months; his trade: electrician. Suraj goes on to explain how practical knowledge is important in the training imparted, and not just theory. The biggest challenge, according to him, is to train individuals, some of whom have been told that they are just non-achievers.

“Changing mind-sets is not easy, as they have been moulded over years to think the way they think; initiating change, enabling and empowering students is my task, and it never ceases to amaze me how acquiring a skill changes personalities, 360 degrees.” He goes on to talk about a student, Kishan Mishra, who helped change the building’s electrical wiring, and is currently working with a contractor, earning well. Suraj also mentions about how in the process of training, there is a lot he learns himself.  His message to the youth of today: “Believe I yourself; come what may.”

The successful journey of Jitender Yadav: CNC Operations Trainer

IL&FS Trainer

Jitender Yadav

Jitender Yadav completed his training, from the IL&FS Skills Center, Okhla, in the year 2014; his trade: CNC Operator. After completion of his industry experience, in the domain of his expertise, he decided to join as a trainer with his alma mater. This was in November, 2017. His teaching skills reflect a lot of what he had learnt from his trainers. For him, there is something to learn from everyone, which is what he applies in his life too. “This is the best way of learning: every experience, person and situation has something to teach, only if we are willing to learn. This is what I tell my students all the time.”

He sees the transformation in students very clearly, from the time they take admission, and are not even able to, sometimes, express themselves, to the time they clear the course, enter the professional world, all confident and ready! The change is amazing, he adds with a smile. For him, the bond with the students just does not end at the time the course ends, but sustains way beyond as a ‘friend, philosopher and guide’.

“Students call me even now if they face a problem; they know they can rely on me. I remember this one student, who came from Bihar, had no technical knowledge whatsoever, was determined to learn, and not only completed his training as a CNC Operator, but also as a programmer! This is the real joy in teaching. It can facilitate change at so many levels.” His message for the youth of today: the power lies in the self; one just needs to tap it.

The successful journey of Gaurav Rana: Hospitality Trainer

Gaurav Rana IL&FS Trainer

Gaurav Rana

Gaurav Rana brings with him 7 years of rich experience in the hospitality sector; experience gained, chiefly, on international cruise lines, circumnavigating the globe. One would think that his profession would have been all a young aspirant would want: the best of different worlds, sophisticated ambience, tete-a-tete with people of different nationalities, et all. However, Gaurav’s calling was different; in his words, he missed the possibility of being able to teach: the interaction with students, the energy involved in learning/teaching, and the possibility of making a career in a domain he always wished to pursue. So, it was no surprise when in January, 2018, he joined the IL&FS Skills Center in Okhla to embark on a career as a trainer.

“For me, training is a passion; I love to discover and re-discover creative teaching techniques. In my class, the students make the rules, in consultation with me, and abide by them, as they have laid them down; once you give them the onus of maintaining discipline, they make sure it is followed. Questions are always welcome! If I don’t have answers, or the questions pop up after the class, sticky notes, with questions, are pasted on a board. I make sure to address them, asap.”

Gaurav also recalls the journeys of many students, who could not express themselves prior to the course, but have metamorphosed into confident individuals, who can take on the professional world with grit and gusto. He gives the examples of two of his students: Charu Sharma, and Jayant, who have traversed through challenges and achieved amazing milestones. Both of these students, among others, have embarked on career paths, which are set to catapult them into professional advancement. “I see myself in these youngsters; personality development is very important, at all levels,” says the young trainer.

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