Vidyadaan hosts a webinar on Graphic Design Technology for WorldSkills Competitions


On 15th January 2020, Vidyadaan organized a webinar in association with Mr. Sathish Narayanan, Founder Director of DESIGN Media & Edutainment School and Worldskills Expert in Graphic Design Technology. The webinar focused on guiding and preparing the aspirants for Worldskills 2021 in Graphic Design Technology.

The webinar was a huge success that witnessed the participation of thousands of ‘Shishyas’ (students) from over 15 states. The speaker, Mr. Sathish Narayanan initiated the webinar by briefing about Vidyadaan. In conformity with the concept of Vidyadaan, this initiative has been taken up by the Media and Entertainment Skills Council (MESC) under the guidance of Mr. Subhash Ghai, Hon’ble Chairman, MESC.

vidyadaan_webinar_on_graphic_design_technology_for_worldskills_2021Vidyadaan will be reconnecting Guru-Shishya beyond formal education to enhance social cognizance & compassion in society. Vidyadaan is a platform for three kinds of participants: Guru (Industry experts); Shishyas (Students) and Gurukuls (Training Organizations). Under Vidyadaan, anyone who is willing to learn and gather knowledge, whether illiterate, student, homemaker, employed and professional can be a ‘Shishya’; anyone who is willing to volunteer and share skills and knowledge can be a ‘Guru’ and any institution that can provide a space to conduct such sessions can be a ‘Gurukul’.

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Sharing his views, Mr. Sathish Narayanan, said, “When I started my career and when I studied in the College of Fine Arts, there was no internet. If I had to learn something there were no other resources except the Gurus who have helped me in shaping my career. But today, you are able to watch a program like this with a mobile in your hand, where you can reach out to the experts in the world. I request you to make the best use of these opportunities. That’s how we created this concept of Vidyadaan. MESC is doing a great job, where they have created such a concept and wherein many Gurus with great skills will be imparting knowledge to the Shishyas”.

Guidance on Graphic Design technology for WorldSkills 2021

Mr. Sathish threw light upon Worldskills Competition by saying, “Worldskills competition is the biggest Skills Olympics in the world just like Olympics for sports in the world.” He further elaborated on the stages of the IndiaSkills Competition and Worldskills Competition, and how to prepare for the competitions.

With more than 3000-4000 aspirants participating in IndiaSkills- Graphic Design Technology, candidates need to clear a five-tiered exam to qualify for Worldskills 2021. Candidates need to first appear for the online exam which consists of 500 questions (MCQ) of 2 marks each. The exam is divided into two sections- General knowledge and Technical knowledge. The online exam is followed by a Skill Test, where a candidate might be given tasks in Adobe Photoshop (Photoshop image manipulation, Poster design, etc.) or Adobe Illustrator (Logo design, Vector Graphics, etc). The candidate may have to visit the AWSITC centers or upload the requisites of the test from home. The third round will be the State Level Competitions. The candidates can visit or contact AWSITC centers/ MESC for receiving basic training to appear for the State Level Exams.

After clearing the State Level Competition, the candidate will have to appear for IndiaSkills Competition. The IndiaSkills Competition is designed comprehensively on the model of the Worldskills Competition. The test is conducted over 4 days. The first day the candidate will be given a project about a company where the candidate will have to create a complete branding solution from logo design to stationery items like letter pad, envelope and mouse pad. On the second day, the candidate will have to create a booklet for a company. The booklet can be a magazine, brochure, etc. Having no access to the internet, the candidates will have to make the best use of the data and images provided. On the third day, the candidate will have to present a complete Packaging solution for a company. The packaging could be for medicine bottles, fragrance bottles, and some toys for a child, or a character from Indian mythology, etc. On the fourth day, the candidate has to create an advertising plan for the company. The candidates who qualify for the Worldskills 2021 are given extensive training for 10 months.

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