Vocal for Local: An opportunity to boost local skills and products in India


Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made an appeal in the context of supporting Indian economy at the grassroots level as a step towards self-reliance. Through “Vocal for Local”, he has appealed for buying local product and supporting local business. This is because during the lockdown and COVID-19 it is the local vendors, products and services that has helped us survive. He said that the Coronavirus as taught us the importance of local manufacturing, market and supply chain.

Let’s raise a voice to buy, promote and preserve local skills and products in India and work towards “vocal for local” as an opportunity to boost local skills and products in India. Isn’t this the best time to proudly promote “Make in India”?

Vocal for Local to boost skills and products

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Vocal for Local: An opportunity to boost local skills and products in India

Vocal for Local: What our team has to say about its importance for local skills and products.

Madhuri Dubey - National skills network NSNMadhuri: Vocal for Local is not just about buying the products but also about promoting them through various channels. We need to use digital media and online tools to create linkages between the producers and the consumers. Direct selling is the best way to help small entrepreneurs become profitable. This also calls for skilling them appropriately in various aspects of production, packaging, logistics, marketing, sales and so on. Besides, many women entrepreneurs, SHGs and self-employed will get a chance to market products to a larger consumer base.

Pratyusha Tripathy writer NSNPratyusha:  “Vocal for Local is a great initiative from the Prime Minister to strengthen the base of our economy. It is the small entrepreneurs who contribute to our daily needs. Look at the way the Kirana shops have helped us with grocery and other requirements. I feel we should encourage them and empower them with skills to improve their business and sustain during the tough times.”

EskillIndia from NSDC – India’s gateway to online skill development – Read more: https://www.nationalskillsnetwork.in/eskillindia-from-nsdc-indias-gateway-to-online-skill-development/

Ajay: “Buying local means we are supporting local products and crafts, truly Made in India. This is great way show to the world how India has a rich variety of products that can help in being healthy and happy. I feel we should buy from local vendors who source products locally. We should also provide adequate skills to help them learn new techniques of production and marketing.”

Sahitya National Skills NetworkSahitya: “The Key to economic revival of our country lies in Rural economy. Rural economy has the potential to create jobs and employment suitable for the region, while contributing towards achieving the sustainable development goals set forth by the UN. As Rural employment, entrepreneurship and livelihoods are diversified, Skilling rural youth and local  populace takes centre stage to ensure self-reliance and compete at the global level.”

Madhumati National Skills NetworkMadhu: ” Vocal for Local is just what we needed to revive our economy. We should make use of products made by local entrepreneurs and artisans. This not only helps them sustain their livelihoods but also create jobs for people. We also need to promote such products through social media and e-commerce. During the lockdown we have seen many such local producers coming to our rescue with grocery and essential of good quality and timely delivery. “


  1. Let us be VOCAL
    for LOCAL
    and go GLOBAL
    ….that has been the driver for myself and my organisation Rhino Machines.
    We recognize the need of Skills and Competencies as a combination for achieving Competitiveness and Resilience in the Indian Manufacturing.
    The call for Going LOCAL will stimulate the demand in the economy.
    The only word of advise I would give the SMEs or Corporates who are engaged in localization activities – please invest in QUALITY SKILLS such as ACE Foundation’s Swiss Model and BEHAVIORS such as EMPRETEC INDIA to see that this is not a bubble which can burst after some time, and is a sustained growth model.

  2. Sanjay Khimesara on

    Making our country self-reliant by & for the Indians using ‘Vocal for Local’ concept initiated by our Prime Minister could prove to be a great initiative. We could rise to the occasion for taking Pride in our own Product/Services & at the same time promote them to create better demand-supply.

    As a Head of Indore based Digital Media Training School & a vocational training organization, I personally foresee even bigger opportunity as well as higher responsibility not only to create skilling eco-system to have more self employment, freelancing options.
    Skilled workforce trained in Media & Entertainment could grab the opportunity to create effective communication between consumers and manufactures/service providers.

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