Changing role of women in rubber industry – Success stories from RSDC


Being a woman is no longer a barrier to success in the rubber industry. The challenges like male-domination, rigorous work, traditional notions and family constraints are not stopping many women from entering the sector. Women have become more of a force in the rubber industry than in the past. This is evident from the presence of more efficient women in male-dominated job roles in the rubber sector. We present few success stories of women in the rubber sector, as facilitated by Rubber Sector Skill Council (RSDC). Please note: Pictures used in this story are only indicative and they don’t depict the job roles or the women mentioned.

Even though, one of the reasons for these women to step into a different job is their family background, their determination and willpower to master a new skill is commendable. Having dropped out of school, they wanted to acquire some unique skills so that they will be able to obtain a job.

Women in rubber 2 industryGeeta who is a Compression Moulding Operator at Aashirwad Polymer in Haryana was not able to continue her education after 8th STD due to financial constraints. Her father is a farmer and it was very difficult for him to support their family with a meagre income. Then, she came to know about the rubber sector’s certification programs and joined their 12 hour Compression Moulding Operator program.

“The training helped me a lot in developing my technical skills and I was able to obtain a job. Now, I am able to operate a machine with appropriate PPE ,5s and fire. I aim at decreasing rejection with good productivity. I feel extremely happy that I got an opportunity to complete the training. It helped me in supporting my family financially besides my father and husband. In future, I would like to give training to juniors.” she says.

 Meera, another Compression Moulding Operator from the same company also shared a similar experience. She said that her family’s financial constraints forced her to drop out of school. However, she wanted to obtain a job and joined rubber sector’s certification program. “The training helped me in developing my skills and I was able to get a job. Now, I am supporting my family financially. I want to develop my technical skills as I move forward in my job and impart those skills to others. As a woman, I feel happy when I operate machines. I would say, women are able to do whatever they want irrespective of the social norms.” she smiles.

women in rubber 1 industryWomen in rubber industry are setting an example to others by taking up non-traditional job roles.With more women joining the government incentivized skill training programs, there is a growth in the number of women working in the non-traditional jobs.

Gudiya,an Injection Moulding Operator in Anand Nvh Products Pvt Ltd in Haryana is an inspiration for other women. Having learned about the rubber sector’s certification programs through Anand NVH Products Pvt Ltd.,Gudiya decided to join the training. She joined for the 12 hour Injection Moulding Operator program and completed it successfully.

“The training helped me in acquiring a job easily. Having worked for 2 years in the trade, I would say that I am pretty comfortable with operating machines. As women, we realize our capabilities only when there is a compelling need. I would say that women’s capabilities are unlimited and there is nothing that can prevent us from achieving our dreams.” she adds.

As women find new paths to build their skills and get into male-dominated sectors like rubber, the gender gap is slowly fading off by providing new opportunities.

For Nitya Devi Nihotiya, her new skill is like an additional backbone to support her children’s education. She decided to find an alternative way to increase her income when traditional farming became unprofitable for her.

”I wanted to look after my two children and take care of their education. As such,I came to know about rubber sector’s program under the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana and joined the training for Rubber Nursery General Worker. Having skilled in rubber nursery, I am now capable of increasing my monthly income. I am happy that my additional skills will help me in educating my children and building a better future for them.”

Before concluding her words, Nitya Devi Nihotiya gives this advice to all aspiring women,

“I would say, women shouldn’t give up at any point in life and strive hard to succeed in life. This way, she will become stronger and find ways to face any challenges in life.”

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